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How do I create and save a flashcard?

Start by logging in to your StudyBlue account. 

  1. Hover over Flashcards on the top menu and click the blue Make Flashcards button
  2. You’ll see a blank flashcard. Use the top portion to insert your term/ keyword and the lower half to put down the definition, explanation, or other notes you want to make
  3. Done? Click Save and Exit on the top, right side and create a title for your new flashcard. When you click Location, you’ll get to select a class to assign your card to. If you hadn’t entered a class earlier, click Join a Class to enter your school, the class, and the name of your instructor/ faculty for that class. When done, click Join Class
  4. Lastly, select the Privacy setting for your card. Make it public or private, or set a password that you can share only with a select group of people. Click Save

Now, you can easily access that flashcard next time you go back to that class/ topic.