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How to bring back a flashcard or deck that has disappeared?

Can’t find your deck? If you did not save it while working on it, it might be in your Drafts:

  1. Login to StudyBlue and hover over Flashcards on the top navigation    
  2. Click Drafts to view all your unsaved, untitled flashcards

Still can’t find your flashcard?

Make sure you log in to StudyBlue using the correct personal or school email account. If you happen to have multiple accounts, try them all. The flashcard might just be saved under a different account. 

Tried it all but still no luck?

Sometimes, a deck can be lost if you lose your internet connection while working on it. In these cases, there’s no option but to create a new one. Sorry!

Last resort

In case you accidentally deleted the flashcard, hit the email icon below and reach out to us. Include the title of the missing deck as well as your StudyBlue login email(s) and we'll do our best to help!