How do I cancel my subscription?


A subscription purchased through the StudyBlue web application will renew automatically unless you cancel it. If you subscribed through the website, you must also cancel through the web app. StudyBlue does not issue refunds for subscription charges incurred before a subscription is cancelled.


To cancel your subscription:

  • Open your Profile page at
  • Scroll down to "Account Information"
  • Click on "Cancel."
When you finish the process, you will be sent a confirmation email and the "Cancel" button will change to "Cancelled." If you do not see this change and this email, it means you have not successfully cancelled  your subscription.

 You can always write us at if you need help finding or canceling your subscription. Please note that we do not typically issue refunds per our Terms of Service. 

App Store (Apple)

If you purchased a recurring subscription from the App Store, Apple is responsible for all billing and cancellations. You can find information on how to cancel an App Store subscription here: 

 For more information on how App Store subscriptions work for StudyBlue, please visit

Play Store (Android)

If you purchased a recurring subscription from the Play Store/Google Play, you can cancel it by following these instructions:


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