Help! My deck or file disappeared! (lost or missing cards)

Don't worry - once your deck has been saved on StudyBlue, it's safe - we promise! If you're having trouble finding a deck, there are a number of solutions. However, if you lost your internet connection between autosaves, or closed without saving, it is possible that information can be lost.

1. Check your Drafts and Archive sections in your Backpack. If you do not successfully save a deck when creating it, it will go to Drafts. Very old items are placed in the Archive to help keep your Backpack clean, and some users accidentally send decks to the Archive so it's definitely worth checking.

2. Make sure you're logged in under the correct account. We have noticed that some users have multiple accounts under different email addresses, so if you're having trouble finding something, check your personal email addresses and your school-issued email addresses to make sure your content is not split across several accounts.

3. Contact Support! If you aren't able to find the decks above, we'd love to give it a try. In order to get the fastest support possible, please include the title of the missing deck as well as all known StudyBlue login emails. Reach out to and we'll be right with you.

Once again, your flashcards are always safe with us as long as they get to us. Decks may be misplaced, but never lost, and we'd love to help you find anything you're missing! 

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