My subscription isn't working! (Pro account showing as Free)


If you've paid for a Pro subscription but aren't able to access Pro features, you should first check the top-left corner of StudyBlue. If it says "StudyBlue" and has an "Upgrade" button, then you are logged in under the wrong email address. Try both your personal and school-issued email addresses. Don't forget that many university email addresses have multiple formats, such as "," "," "," and so on. 

If the top-left corner says "StudyBlue Pro," then you are most likely trying to view a Study Guide that you don't have access to. For more information on Study Guides, see:


If you purchased a StudyBlue Pro subscription through a mobile store (Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store) and are not seeing your Pro benefits, please reach out to, including your login email and email receipt so we can look into it for you.

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