Earn free Pro credit for creating content with the Power Creator Program

What is the Power Creator Program?
The Power Creator program is our way of thanking users who create quality content for each other.

How do I become a Power Creator?
Become a Power Creator by creating two eligible pieces of content that is studied by another StudyBlue user. Eligible content is defined as a flashcard deck (made up of 20 or more cards) or notes (3 or more pages). Once the content is created and studied by another StudyBlue user, you’ll automatically be upgraded to StudyBlue Pro. All eligible content must be public in order to be eligible. Private content does not qualify.

I just made eligible content; why don't I have Power Creator status and my free Pro?
If you created eligible content and haven’t received your StudyBlue Pro reward, it means that someone has yet to study/view your content or your content hasn't been verified (takes at least 3 days to confirm). All content must come from a verified StudyBlue account; Verified StudyBlue users are StudyBlue users with only one account created with Facebook/Google/Email Signup. Email signups must verify their email address before being considered "verified."

I made eligible content, but no one is studying it. What can I do?
You can always share content with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can also use a link that goes directly to the content. Click here for more information on how to share your content.

Mobile Users
Cards created using one of our mobile apps (iOS/Android) will still earn Power Creator status, but any Power Creator badges and notifications will only be visible on Web for now. Stay tuned for updates!


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