Textbook Solutions

StudyBlue has launched step-by-step textbook solutions, available now for Pro students! This exciting new feature is now available for the most popular biology and chemistry textbooks and all solutions have been written and vetted by subject matter experts. To see what textbook solutions are available you must first join an eligible class.

Once you join an eligible class, refresh the page. A Textbook Solutions prompt will come up. You will also see Textbook Solutions in the nav bar at the top of the screen.

For a list of the textbooks that we have solutions for as well as what's coming soon, visit: https://www.studyblue.com/#textbook-solutions



Please note that StudyBlue does not provide the entire textbook for you, only comprehensive step-by-step solutions to textbook chapter questions. We welcome any feedback about this beta and if there's ever anything we can help with, get in touch with us at help@studyblue.com!

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